Cooperative opportunities

Cooperative opportunities for companies

For companies and organizations, there is a wide range of possibilities for co-operation with members of the MPC Group to ensure a goal-oriented and efficient transfer of technology:

  1. Research assignments / direct commissioning by the company / organization:
    It is particularly suitable when the questions are linked to a foreseeable effort (content and time).

  2. Publicly funded projects between at least one industrial partner and the university:
    Recommended for long-term research tasks. Examples are e.g. publicly funded projects by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) or the Central Innovation Program Mittelstand (ZIM).

  3. Student work:
    Simple questions can be solved within the scope of practice-oriented dissertations (Bachelor's or Master's thesis). These can be carried out both at the universities as well as directly at the company.

  4. Financing of doctoral and post-doctoral professorships:
    A further form of co-operation in long-term research tasks is the direct funding of PhD positions and endowed professorships at the university through the company. Contact us. We’ll find the optimal cooperation for your problems!